About Me

Follow my heart, follow my dream

"This is it. This is what I want for rest of my life." After watching and being inspired by behind the scenes of Juzo Itami's movie "Minbo no onna" I said to myself. I left my native country of Japan a month after graduating high school to the United States in pursuit of my dreams of being in the entertainment industry.

I enrolled to Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA and graduated with a degree in Film and Video Production. I took on a position as an Assistant Editor back in Japan, but due to the collapse of the industry in my country I was let go. However I was still determined to be a great 'film editor' and continued to educate myself and enhance my video editing skills by coming back to the United States and attended and supported myself to Video Symphony, a vocational TV & Film school located in Burbank, California.

It was there that I was personally inspired by a fellow classmate's strength and willingness to attend classes even though he had terminal cancer. He passed away before graduating, yet his story was an inspiration to me because while I have my own struggles with English and other circumstances to become an editor, I am grateful to be alive and have the opportunity to continue following dreams.

I also graduated from the California College of Music in Pasadena, CA where I received a semester scholarship to keep enhancing my sound editing skills. While I was attending school, I had great opportunity working with a documentary project Lucy Walker's "The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom" which nominated for Academy Award.

Currently I am working as a freelance assistant editor. All my experiences in Japan, all projects I have involved here in the United States and I have met great producers, directors and editors… all come together to make me granted visa to stay as an artist who has great skills to benefit for this country. Life is all good. I am keep on going to make my dreams come true to be an editor.